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Replacement Microsoft Windows Security Updates (WSUS) Server

Client: Market Research Organisation
No of Employees: 30,000

Project Overview
The client wanted to replace its existing WSUS Server which was running on Windows Server 2008. The WSUS Infrastructure which consisted of three WSUS Servers, was solely used for the patching of both physical and virtual Servers.

The existing Computer Groups would need to be maintained as well as the GPO´s for the patch day updates, as these were sufficient for the new WSUS Server which was to be installed on Windows Server 2012 R2.

Proof of Concept
The new WSUS Server was installed and configured with the relevant Computer Groups, and the latest Windows updates were downloaded. A number of test Servers were added to a Test Group, and the Windows updates were approved and applied to the Test Group.

Several Group Policies were amended to reflect the new WSUS Server settings and thorough tests were carried out prior to the Windows Updates being deployed to all Servers in the production environment.

Also maintenance on the WSUS database was carried out, as well as generating status reports of Windows Updates installed on the relevant Test Servers.