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Network Cabling

Client: International/Government Organisation
No of Employees: 10,000

Project Overview
The client wanted to replace the existing Token Ring cabling (which had been installed throughout several of their offices) with Cat 5e (Category 5) cable.
Each of the Network Access cabinets would need to be re-cabled including the patch panels connecting to the new Cisco Catalyst 3750 switches.

Infrastructure Requirements

  • Nortel WLAN Security Switches
  • Broadcom WLAN Bridge Adapters
  • 3COM WLAN Access Points
  • Cisco Catalyst 3750 switches

Proof of Concept
Two Nortel WLAN 2380 Security Switches (for redundancy), 3COM WLAN Access Points and Broadcom WLAN Bridge Adapters were configured.

The 3COM WLAN Access Points were placed in the ceilings of the corridors where the Token Ring cabling would be replaced.

A test laptop was connected to a Broadcom WLAN Bridge Adapter to test connectivity before all user desktops and laptops would be connected to individual Broadcom WLAN Bridge Adapters in preparation for the cable replacement.

This was carried out of office hours to minimise disruption of service to the user community.

The Network Cabinets were also replaced entirely and re-cabled with Cat 5e cabling.