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Internet Explorer Upgrade

Client: International/Government Organisation
No of Employees: 10,000

Project Overview
The client was using Internet Explorer version 6 as the standard web browser for all desktop machines, and wanted to upgrade to version 8, making sure that a standard configuration was deployed to all desktop machines within its organisation.

This would ensure that all users would have the same standard configuration on their desktops. Any changes to the configuration would be submitted to a “Review Board” that would either approve or reject the change requests based on business justifications.

Once a change was approved, it would be deployed in a controlled environment to perform proper testing before the change is released onto the production environment.

Having the “Review Board” would allow sufficient time for the required change to be thoroughly evaluated and any potential impact on other applications that use Internet Explorer would be isolated on test machines.

Having a standard Internet Explorer configuration would facilitate the support. Issues could be resolved much easier compared to having different configurations for different machines.

Infrastructure Requirements
A review of the Internet Explorer 6 configuration was undertaken and used as a “benchmark” for configuring Internet Explorer 8

An Active Directory Group Policy Object (GPO) for Internet Explorer was created.

The creation of a new Organisational Unit (OU) was required, for testing purposes.

The GPO was applied to the OU, and test machines were placed into this OU and the standardised Internet Explorer configuration was applied to all test machines.

Test machines were provided for the tests to be carried out.

Proof of Concept
Test Users conducted the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) for a defined period of time to ascertain any issues with the configuration of Internet Explorer. Once UAT was successful the GPO was applied to the “Production” OU’s where all desktop machines resided.