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Green Computing (Wake-On-LAN)

Client: International/Government Organisation
No of Employees: 10,000

Project Overview
With the importance of reducing power consumed by organisations and in general their IT operations, many organisations are moving towards “Green” computing. With this in mind, the client wanted to introduce a way for its users to be able to “Power-On” their Workstations located in their office, on demand.

This would offer users the ability to shut down their Workstations at the end of the work day, and then “Power” them on either remotely or when in the office.

The client wanted to use the standard Wake-On-LAN technology for the project which would be used only on the Internal LAN.

Having such a concept would enable the client to achieve a “greener” status (reduce CO2 footprint) as well as reduce power costs.

Infrastructure Requirements
In order for Wake-On-LAN to be implemented in the client’s office, the existing infrastructure was used and adapted as follows:

1) Active Directory – For the Users Workstation ID

2) An Inventory database which contains the MAC & IP Address of each users Workstation

3) Web Server – For the users to access the Wake-On-LAN feature (Power on their machine remotely)

4) Network – Control the routing of the “Magic” packets

5) Workstation – Configure / Enable the Wake-On-LAN feature

Proof of Concept
A Proof of Concept was put in place and the feedback obtained enabled us to provide informative sessions and appropriate documentation.